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Teachers: Be worth much more and get qualified!

Welcome to recognition, self-confidence and a new beginning!

Teaching and supporting children with learning difficulties has to be one of the most satisfying careers in the world. Only special people like you know just how challenging the work can be and what dedication it takes ... yet what a rush of joy comes with each achievement and each obstacle overcome that you have helped bring about.

This is, sadly, a growing field because so many children are born with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADD/ADHD. The current figure is 1 child in 68 births.

With all the progress being made in research findings, there are still millions of children who need careful nurturing and understanding by trained and experienced teachers because early intervention means everything to the progress of that child.

When a child is correctly diagnosed with a learning disorder, even being in a good school with trained teachers is not going to be enough input for that special child. The parents also need to learn how best to apply the teaching plan drawn up for their child and then to give as much time as they can to reinforce the therapies they are paying so much for.

We have excellent programmes in Learning Disorders Management, rounded off with Child Psychology Counselling and Speech and Language Development. Our teachers are qualified and have the experience of decades in delivering the programmes. You earn an external Diploma from Singapore and have a path to an Advanced Diploma and then can go on to university if you so choose.

Among our 2500 graduates are people who are valuable staff in prestigious schools or are private consultants or have chosen to open their own centres. They are only going to get better every day and their careers are recession-proof. Would you like to explore this opportunity further?

Call 017 7030902 and come for a preview of the programmes. It is about an hour long and free of charge and obligation.